Zoo Consultancy Services

Zoos are now more associated with animal conservation and protection rather than only human entertainment.

The entire concept of ‘Zoos’ has changed over the last several decades. Zoos are now more associated with animal conservation and protection rather than only human entertainment. During these difficult times when species are getting extinct almost every day, our solutions provide a perfect platform for Zoo Designing, Zoo Conservation and maintenance.

HKS Designer and Consultant International Co. Ltd. one of the best Zoo Consultancy service provider wholeheartedly supports Zoo Designing and Planning, Zoo Project Management Consultancy, Captivity consultancy, international animal conservation projects and possess the in-depth knowledge of sustaining healthy wild life treasures.

We provide services like:

Zoo Master Plan Design and Development:
We work in sync with client’s requirement to come up with the best Master Plan optimizing the existing area, number and species of animals ensuring the local rules and regulations covering Zoo designs, Zoo conservation principles etc are followed giving an international zoo design principle touch to it.

Animal Enrichment Programs:
Allow the animals to live a life close to their natural habitat in order to generate complete physical and mental development. This includes exercises, training and healthy socialization activities. We do conceptualization of such programs and provide staff training to conduct them.

Animal Feeding Programs:
Increase the visitor involvement with the creatures, leading to a great experience and scope for positive word of mouth publicity for the zoo. Also the message of wildlife conservation is more strongly imparted.

Conservation Breeding Programs:
We provided methods and experts who can conduct ethical and healthy breeding of species facing the threat of extinction.

Educational Animal Presentations:
Are interactive animal programs with an aim to not just entertain but also educate people about animal behavior and their importance on earth.

Animal Keepers Training Workshops and Lectures:
We provide international level training and education to the zoo staff for maintaining the zoo, animals and programs. We also provide updated knowledge as per new techniques and growing needs.

  • Zoo Consultants
  • Zoo Designing
  • Animal Facility Rehabilitation and renovation
  • Animal Handling Machinery expansion
  • Animal Training
  • Animal Transportation
  • Exhibit Master planning
  • Exhibit design
  • Zoo, Park, and Animal Consultation Services
  • Examination and critique of animal exhibit blueprints, construction drawings and shop drawings
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