Theme Shows

Our expertise lies in conceptualizing and materializing theme parks and stunt shows...

HKS has successfully built numerous parks and recreation centres across major South East Asian countries. Our expertise lies in conceptualizing and materializing theme parks and stunt shows for such places.

Our theme park design services include all the steps from designing and blue print stage to construction and planning stage. Our team of creative designers has so far created some of the world renowned recreation centres in the prime cities of Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Our Java Jones “Temple of Terror” stunt show and ‘Wild Wild West Cowboy show’ in Taman safari of Indonesia have been the most famous and longest running shows. Java Jones Stunt Show takes visitors through South American themed entrance of tropical rainforest and animals.

We have created dense landscapes with a large waterfall and a stream cascading through forest. Visitors leisurely walk through the replica of the rainforest and take their seats to watch the show. The show is a further extension of adventure as an exciting drama full of stunts performed by Latin actors unrolls.

Equally thrilling is the Wild West Cowboy Stunts projecting erstwhile conflict between the encroaching Europeans & the native Red Indians. Wild animals & humans make a unique combination in creating a chaotic western town on stage.

We have a skilled and equally experienced team of designers and engineers. Our team is motivated by innovative creation and quality deliverance as the materials we use are also thoughtful and environmentally safe. They also reduce the possibility of injury to users and sustain wear and tear due to atmosphere thus resulting into durable and safe parks.

We also provide training for the animals as well as the staff so that they can continue to put on the best show for your visitors.

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