Animal Transportation

Professional Logistics / Wildlife Relocation Service

We have many years of experience in the logistics / translocation of wildlife from around the globe. We arrange transport from the beginning to the final destination. For instance, we have offered logistic services to transfer eight Elephants form Thailand – Australia , two Giraffes from South Africa – Singapore – Malaysia (Taiping Zoo).

Our Services Includes:

  • Import/Export Permits Application
  • Create Designs to meet IATA regulations
  • Health Certificates
  • Arrangements of appropriate means of transport at economical costs
  • Liaison role between various departments and organizations for all logistics
  • Documentation work
  • Animal Transportation Insurance
  • Charter Flights
  • Other services as required

Pets, Livestock & Equine Relocation Services

We also arrange transportation services for customers who want to bring their pets along when traveling or migrating to a different country. Also we manage translocation of livestock and equine.

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