Animal Exchange Program

We specialize in setting up Animal Exchange Programs for clients worldwide

We specialize in setting up Animal Exchange Programs for clients worldwide. Through the process of exchange, the company helps to find homes for surplus animals bred in captivity in Zoos by locating suitable clients/Zoos that may have a shortage of the particular animal.

The following are the Zoos we have been working with:

  • Zoological Park Organization, Thailand
  • Singapore Zoological Gardens , Singapore
  • Night Safari , Singapore
  • Jurong Bird Park , Singapore
  • Taipei Zoo , Taiwan
  • Ramat Gan Safari, Tel Aviv , Israel
  • Guangzhou Zoo , China
  • Samsung Zoo , Korea
  • Taiping Zoo , Malaysia
  • Malacca Zoo , Malaysia
  • Tama Zoo , Japan
  • Mysore Zoo , India
  • Fuengirola Zoo , Spain
  • Central Zoo , Nepal

By registering their zoo on our website and filling out the Animal Surplus Form, we help these zoological institutions to look for :

  • Other private and government owned zoological institutes, with high standards and devotion to provide animals with the best veterinary care, nutrition, etc, that are unaware of these surplus animals that are available and that are interested in these animals.
  • We go to a greater length to keep surplus animals out of the hands of unqualified institutes that make requests for these animals through filling out the Animal Wanted Form.

As part of our global strategy, the signing of the memorandum of understanding (MOU) is an approach for us to improve our profile. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for us to create a wide flow of exchanges with clients worldwide in regards of our program.

The Process of Animal Exchange Program :

  • MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) is drawn up and entered into between AWC and the Zoo. The Zoo with the surplus animals and another Zoo which requires those animals.

  • AWC guides its clients through the process of obtaining CITES approval, Processing of permits and other legal documentation.

  • Crate design and logistics planning (e.g., Weight, Size of animal etc is factored into the planning process) is carried out by AWC.

  • Local logistics of transport planning is the next step in the process.

  • Chartering of the most suitable and cost effective mode of transportation (either by Air, Sea or Land) is carried out by AWC in accordance with the clients requirements so that the shipment arrives on time.

  • Promotion and Publicity consultation is provided for the clients by creating public awareness about the Exchange programs.

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