About the Company

HKS Designer & Consultant International (S) Pte., Ltd.

We at HKS intend to bring the transparency between man and the nature, to sustain Mother Nature’s gift to humanity for the betterment of the society. Therefore, we encourage and bring together several experts into various workshop environments. This practice inspires to spark innovative themes with an effective process of design development.

After many discussions and suggestions from our experts, we map out a detailed plan of action; this allows us to produce refined products and services. In return, we get immense pleasure to see our clients enjoying the satisfactorily results from our professionals efforts.

Our services include concept and master plan development of amusement parks, gardens, parks, resorts, hotels, themes based reality shows, zoo design and consultancy.

Our Detailed Consultancy and Services Area include:

  • Concept Design, Master Plan & Architectural/Technical Development
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Architecture Design Services
  • Public Gardens Design & Development
  • Museums & Visitors Centres Design
  • Zoo Related Services
  • Zoo Consultants
  • Zoo Development Master Plan Designing
  • Zoo Designing
  • Animal Facility Rehabilitation and renovation
  • Animal Enrichment Programs
  • Animal Feeding Programs
  • Conservation Breeding Programs
  • Educational Animal Presentations
  • Examination and critique of animal exhibit blueprints, construction drawings and shop drawings.
  • Animal Keepers Training Workshops and Lectures
  • Animal enhancement mechanism expansion
  • Animal Handling Machinery expansion
  • Animal Training
  • Animal Transportation
  • Exhibit Master planning
  • Exhibit design
  • Zoo, Park, and Animal Consultation Services
  • Theme Park Related Services
  • Design Development and Implementation
  • Consultancy on Equipment’s and Supplies
  • Theme Parks Recreations
  • Animal Presentation
  • Stunt Shows
  • Educational Demonstrative Shows
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